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Couples & Sex Therapy

Are you consistently finding your relationship stuck in conflict or distance?

Do you often wish for a better way to understand and communicate with your significant other?

Are you missing the sexual passion you once had?

Relationships are central to being alive and thriving in the world. The need starts in our first breath and continues throughout life. Most people seek the support they want and need in others. Inevitably everybody falls short of filling someone else’s needs. I am passionate about working with couples and helping people discover and rediscover connection, intimacy, passion and love. I am equally committed to drawing people closer to themselves.

Many issues that we find to be most complex correspond to dynamics within relationships. Often times we are unaware of how patterns and issues manifest through various symptoms. Once these issues are brought into awareness they are easier to do something about. Therapy can help reorient you and your significant other towards a more fulfilling and intimate relationship. Strengthening your relationship to yourself is the most important way to strengthen your relationships with others. Two halves do make a whole but two wholes provide reinforced strength to thrive. Whether you are single and seeking, coupled and solidifying, or married and rekindling, I can help you utilize the most important tool you have, yourself. I can help you become more attuned to yourself and your partner so you can best support and understand the one who you love and care about the most

“When shared, joy is doubled and sorrow halved.”

- Shakespeare